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  • Hello.

    Me and a group of pleople, decided to upload a game on construct 2 on windows phone store

    but the proyect was rejected because of a breach of requirement wich was the function of the "back" button of the windows phone on the game

    the only thing that results on it is that the application is closed.

    From Windows Phone's market we were asked to repair the problem with the implementation that when the "back" button is pressed, it goes on a pause state or a change of layout to the menu of the game, to aprove the application.

    But during the week, we have reached the impasse that in construct we can't find the tools to fix it.

    We've even tried using one of the plugins we found on the forums wich is specifically for windows phone, but the event "on Back" doesn't seem to work properly.

    We hope you can help us and give us an answer as soon as possible, given that we use construct 2 with the hope it eases our job, but now it's only getting harder.

  • Bump, because I am also experiencing this issue.

  • Interested in the solution too.


    Can you try this? There is even a screenshot of the solution to your problem.

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  • Actually, yeah, that's the link I used to enable proper back functionality on Windows Phone. On the first page, thehen mentions the Windows Phone plugin that has an easy event/condition for when the back button is pressed.

    And, here's a direct link to the page that talks about the plugin and how to use it:

    Using that quick tutorial, I was able to make the back button: 1) Exit app on main apge; 2) Navigate to main menu when playing game, though I could have shown a pause menu instead.

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