Issues with Local Coop in a Beat 'Em Up Prototype

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  • I was able to get a single character animating and moving around in my Beat 'Em Up prototype. The problem came when i tried to make a second controllable character. I thought I had all the conditions set up to allow for a second player but they sometimes get locked up when moving/attacking at the same time.

    I "could" dupe the scripting for each player but I was trying to find a way to share the scripting so I didn't have to do it multiple times, especially considering I am planning on having a total of 4 controllable characters.

    If anyone happens to have some time to glance at my scripting and point out any big mistakes that'd be very helpful. Thanks!

    Player 1: WASD to Move, Q to Jump, and Left Click to Attack.

    Player 2 :IJKL to Move, U to Jump, and Right Click to Attack.

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  • No sure if this works but "BUMP". I got pushed off the first page pretty quickly. I'm hoping to get some help with this. If there is a better way to ask this question then let me know and I'll go that route instead. It's just that there is so much scripting in there that I didn't think it'd be helpful to paste it all into this thread.

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