Issues with iframes on iOS devices

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  • I have four small Construct 2 games that are part of a larger application. The larger application is written in Backbone.js and currently, when I want to load in a game I render a view that contains an iframe. The source of the iframe points to the game I want to load.

    On desktop PC's this approach works without any issue. On an iPad however none of my Construct 2 games will load properly.

    I'm wondering if anyone out there has had similar problems with iframes on iOS devices (I did see a few forums posts, but no one has the same issue it seems) and if so, can you help me figure out why the games aren't loading. Is it related to the cache? Is there code in the cr2_runtime I can edit? Any tips are appreciated.


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  • Looks like the issue was totally unrelated to iframes and was actually being caused by use of requestAnimationFrame from within the backbone app to check on the current time for an HTML5 video.

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