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  • Hello Guys!

    I'll start this topic apologizing for my bad english, i'm actually brazilian, so be cool

    I'm having a lot of issues doing a basic level menu, I have already watched a lot of videos explaining how to use the Array to this, but I can't make it work on my plataform game.

    So, I'll give some information about how i'm doing this, so you can try to see where i'm messin up:

    Img 1: All the buttons level with a instance variable level with consecutive values (0,1,2,3...)Img 2: Event Sheet of the layout "fases" (stages)Img 3: Level 1's Event sheetImg 4: In game: Before go to stage 1.Img 5: In Game: After cleared stage 1, stage 2 opens, but after clicking on it nothing else open.I lost 1 day trying to understand this all by my self, but I got nothing


    Edit: I can't post my images because i'm rep 150 how can I show my cfg to you? (sorry, i'm pretty newbie)

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