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  • hello

    im search forum for problems in r209

    i hv some problems

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  • first when i Build two games

    the example are in scirra arcade

    in the first game the problem is when I used

    catch the mouse example

    confing- go to layout world the go to other layout in this case the title

    next UI layer in some sprites when put global in some cases desappear

    example button return


    fly piggy example

    Leaderboard comands dsnt make the accions but in the first example

    the leaderboard have the same code and makes the accions.

    there is the things that I found

    and another because this in my personal project when i try to use titlemaps

    makes a rare i thing bug or i really dont know.

    the problem its

    my player sprites appears in the wall and dont repect the title properties.

    so that is all



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