Issue with Replace Color Effect and Linear Sampling

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  • So I've been trying to solve an issue I've been having with the Replace Color effect. It's very useful for skins/palette swaps like the kind you'd find in fighting games, but- the effect looks terrible when the sprite is resized at all or if the layer scale is anything but the original scale. I'd greatly prefer to use linear sampling as the smoother-looking sprites would work better for my not-retro game, but using linear sampling causes these ugly seams between colors if the sprite is resized at any point (whether the sprite's size is changing, or the camera zooms in/out).

    (Comparing the sample types)

    If I use linear sampling, I get the smooth sprites I want, but the replace color effect gets very hard to use without the seams. If I use Point sampling, the colors are replaced with no seams, but then I lose smooth sprites. I've messed with Pixel rounding, Fullscreen scaling, and Downscaling quality and none of these helped, so I want to know how I could possibly fix this issue. I read that adjusting the Sampling per layer was only available in classic construct so I don't really know what else I could do about this. Help of any kind is welcome.

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