Issue with platformer/enemy instances

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  • Alright, so here's what I got.

    I'm currently just testing the waters for a platformer I want to make, so I'm just creating a test room where I spawn a bunch of enemies to test out my class balancing.

    My issue is this. I get a spawn point to create 4 "Dog" sprites one after another. The character I have has a stun ability that should only be stunning the monster it hits. To do this, I created a "Stunned" instance variable for my "Mobs" family, and said "On collision w/ hitbox for this ability, stunned = 1.

    I have a line in the events that says Mobs if stunned = 1, platform speed = 0.

    Unfortunately when my character hits ONE enemy, he stuns THE WHOLE FAMILY. I tried reading it as "For Each Mobs" to just do the one it hits, but it doesn't seem to be helping...

    Any advice? I'll edit with code in just a minute here.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Updated. Thanks gang!

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  • Nothing? =(

    I would've imagined that I was just overlooking some simple solution for this...

  • Nevermind, it was... I split it up creature by creature and it's fine now.

  • Yeah picking Mobs with a condition doesn't pick Dogs/Bats/etc.

    You can have:

    Mobs: Stunned = 1 -> Mobs: Stop moving


    Dog: Stunned = 1 -> Dog: Stop moving

    but not

    Mobs: Stunned = 1 -> Dog: Stop moving

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