Issue with disappearing platforms player still standing

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  • I'm working on a dimension change style.

    In dimension 1 the scenery is one way with some platforms visible, in 2 the scenery is another with different platforms visible. I set up persistent blocks specially designed for the dimension change.

    Change dimensions with q and e.

    That part works.

    Issue: When changing dimensions, and if platform the player is standing on goes invisible and non solid...he's still standing there in empty space until you jump or move off. Not very challenging and looks loony toon-ish. I have tried to set up: if player is in dimension 1 and standing on dimension2 scenery, then player moves up 1px(and hopefully falls through).... doesn't work. player keeps going up and up like I made a loop. hmm.

    any ideas on a fix anyone?

  • I did not download the file because I'm not on a pc with C2, but I also had a situation like that before, I just spawned a jumpthru object right on top of solid but the jumpthru is 1 pixel taller than solid

    I think solids have a problem if they overlap each other

    and make sure (using debug) that the solid you are disabling is the correct instance

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  • Thanks for the tip, ill try that out.

    The way I have the dimensional platforms set, Each dimension is a family.

    Global variable is 0 for dim. 1 and 1 for dim. 2 Solid behavior is set by the family instead of individually.

    When global var is 0--Family 1 is visible, family 1 solid enabled, family 2 invisible, family 2 solid disabled.

    When global var is 2--Family 2 is visible,family 2 solid enabled, family 1 invisible, family 2 solid disabled.

    I had to re-up the capx, I forgot about the notification plugin I'm using.

  • Wow, this is giving me a headache. I am disabling the correct platform instances.

    It seems I'm having trouble getting the thing to recognize when its on a platform in another dimension.

    I have an event set, where the conditions just gets either completely ignored, or partially ignored, depending on the arrangement order.

    Seriously, It runs the actions, but ignores the conditions for those to be true, so its always true. I have tried making an "else". ...nope. but it does stop the Trigger Fall from infinitely spawning.

    Ive tried to use System>while. the game doesn't load at all...

    have some pics for reference and another capx. To better help me...or anyone else with a similar problem.

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