Issue with Ads repeating on my game with CocoonJS

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  • I've just compiled my game with Ludei (haven't uploaded to Google Play yet) and i've come across an issue where my full screen ads repeat 3-4 times when playing. When my full screen ads are 15sec videos, as soon as it finishes it starts over again. With full screen ads that aren't videos, i end up pressing the close around 5-6 time before i can continue playing.

    With my full screen ads i have one playing after every 6th time you get to the game over screen via global variables, this is how i've set it up

    (Event) System - RetryAD = 6 (Action) CocoonJS - Show Full screen Ad

    (Sub Event) CocoonJS - On fullscreen Ad shown (Action) System - Go to Game Over

    (Action) System - Set RetryAD to 0

    I don't know why it plays my ads the way it does, has anyone else had this issue?

    I've set up Mopub & Admob from the following link (remove the spaces) if that helps -

    https: / / www .scirra. com/tutorials/1024/mopub-integrate-admob-in-your-cocoonjs-games

    I don't know if will sort itself out once i upload to Google Play but could do with some help on this...

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  • It happened with me too but after i compiled my game again it was fixed

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