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  • hey everyone..

    i want to know if i have to be aware of something when programming an isometric citybuild game.. the designer has to know about the angles etc when creating iso tiles, but do i have to change sth. too?

    can anyone post an isometric house or sth?

    question 2: how do i scroll with touch in my game when the layout size is larger than my window size

  • Desory, For Q2: Try this tutorial. I think it might help you. Let me know if it does. Cheers!

  • hm ok, nice nice, but the explanation feels little small.. Could you explain in more detail? e.g. what each line is for, with the actions.. because settings in variables is one thing, but using them in math and such at the same time is another.

    what I mean is, the last 4 lines: Set prevtouchx to touch x and set curtouchx to touch x, which is now touch x? prevtouch oder curtouch? it overrides them , doesnt it?

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  • Hi Desory,

    Thanks for your feedback. I have updated the tutorial. Here is some explanation. Hope this helps:

    The distance in between the two touch coordinates is being constantly calculated on every tick. This is because, we want to continuously measure this distance that TouchFollowMe has to traverse. In case of a faster swipe, the distance the Touch/finger travels in between two game ticks will be more thereby leading to a faster movement of TouchFollowMe.

  • To understand better, simply change Unbounded scrolling No to Yes, I think it's useful solution :)

  • thanks you two, but abhishan, i know what you mean^^ i am familiar with java, what i mean is: in java, you have the variables prevtouchx and curtouchx.

    when you set Prevtouch X to TouchX , then TouchX = PrevtouchX

    but in the next line you set CurtouchX to TouchX, which means that Curtouch X = Touch X , and prevtouchX gets deleted, doesnt it?

  • Desory,

    The variables are getting overwritten, but not deleted.

    At Touch Start, both Prev and Cur are set to the start of the touch cords.

    As the swipe is ongoing, the Cur becomes Prev and, Touch cords become Cur every tick.

    TouchFollowMe always traverses from self.X equal to the distance between Prev and Cur. This is the key to the implementation = Find the distance in between two touch coordinates within a tick and move TouchFollowMe by that distance.

    Hope this helps.

    Let me know if the implementation working in your project?

  • explicit and understandable, thank you so much

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