How do I make an isometric platformer?

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  • So I saw the game dead pixel and, I'm wondering how I can make something like that but endless. I need help on the movement, graphics (kinda), and how to make it endless with enemies spawning? Please help

  • That sort of game actually shares a lot more in common with the top down mechanics than platformer mechanics. You'll be using 8 direction movement, with some limitations on where on the screen you can go. I believe the top down shooter tutorial also has examples for endless enemy spawning.

  • oosyrag, it's not necessarily the enemies to keep on spawning, it's the world. The player needs to keep moving forward. And the world keep spawning.

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  • The logic would be to actually have the world/background doing the moving. Create the next section of the background off screen and have it move in view. When the last section of the world leaves the visible screen, destroy it.

    Check out the Vertical Space Shooter Template that comes with Construct, it might give you some ideas. Instead of enemies/bullets spawning and being destroyed, it would be your world/background sprites.

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