Isometric movement Help, please ?

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  • Hi all, I want make an isometric game, for now I don't know what kind of, but after, I think 3 hours, to try and try I spend lots of time on forum (here) to find the solution of my problem, so, the problem is this :

    I want my player move just in oblique (parallel to the white lines), and I do :D but when I press 2 arrows in the same time my cool movement go bad.

    I try also with instance variable, but nothing, or maybe I wrong way, so, some ideas ?

    I put some pic (this is just a test to not a game)

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Well thanks in advance

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  • The easiest way for you to accomplish what you want would be to add conditions to your existing events to restrict the keypress to only one key, then to add 4 new events for combinations of keys with new movement angles (you might also want to change the movement amount to something lower/higher depending on the case).

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