How do I make isometric grid movement.

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  • Hey all! first of i'd like to thank you for your time reading this, i appreciate it.

    I am trying to create a tactical battle system on isometric maps, but i cant figure out how to handle the characters movement on an isometric grid. Something similar to final fantasy tactics.

    I dont need the map to rotate or anything, while that would be nice its in no way necessary.

    There is a game on the forums here, made with construct two that has the exact system I am trying to achieve. (grid based movement on an isometric map)

    I can handle all the battle mechanics, its just the movement that i am stumped on.

    Heres the game with the type of system i am trying to achieve.

    (sorry wont let me post a link, even to its own forum untill i get more rep )

    If you search the forums the game is called Super Nuclear Riders

    Thanks again

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  • Bump. I'd like to know as well. What I'm thinking is using arrays for the grid, and identify the movement range for each unit. Seems tedious...there might be a better way.

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  • For a limited range, yeah that's pretty much it, but its not terribly complicated. Just have to look at the current tile and what surrounds it, so tile x+ 1 gets the tile to the right of it, and tile x +1, y+1 gets the one just below that.

    All then converted to the iso coordinates.

    I believe Rex has a few plugs to help with this specifically.

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