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  • Hello !

    I'm making a game and i test it on an Ipod 4.

    I have the last update of Construct and my drivers are updated.

    My game has this in the status bar :

    download 1010 kb, memory use : 16.1, mb events : 6.

    So it's no a lot if i understood well, even for an ipod 4.

    But i have a lot of framerate falls, and more than that it's very heratic.

    My code is very simple, just making a sprite simultae right on everytrick to make it move.

    I can't see where it comes from, but in my memory, it worked better with 2 versions earlier, so maybe it can come from the 2 last updates ? I don't know, really.

    Does someone has any idea ?

    Thanks ! :)

  • That's a lot of memory for such a simple project, are you using a very high resolution or big images?

  • Thanks :)

    is it too much ? i thought 16 was ok, it seems i was wrong lol.

    I'm using 1 big images for the background (512x512)

    By the way, do you know what is the limit (if there is) in the memory use for an ipod 4 ?

  • Do you have a .capx you can upload? I'd say given the fact that's it's older technology, and maybe you're not using an accelerator, are you running it in local preview or Safari browser, or are you compiling it to CocoonJS? I'd say 512x512 isn't bad, but that may be very taxing on that model. Did you add new events/actions that could be inadvertently slowing the process down?

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  • I've personally found CocoonJS to encounter rare hit and miss layouts. I had one project where the game was running a cool 35fps on my iPod touch 4, yet ran at 0fps and hangs on my tablet. yet once I rebuilt the layout and event sheet from scratch. The problem went a way. There was no difference.

    Also my image that I used for the ipod touch was 960x640 and ran fine. How many objects are you rendering? For ipod4 I may suggest no more than 100 to 150.And keep on testing.

  • hello, thanks of you for your reply! :)

    I optimised my backgroud, reduicing my memory use to 12 mb, wich is good, but changed nothing to my heratic fps.

    I have 161 objects, wich is too much so, and if i go down under 100, the "pb" is really less present, but still there. I will work on that now.

    2 things :

    I think that I realised that the Ipod4 seems to not like not straight solids : if all my solid are straight like in Super Mario for example, with angle at 0, the fps tends to not move so much, but if i do solids (like a descent of 45 degrees for example), the fps tends to fall.

    Not sure of that, but that's my impression compare to the tests i've done.

    Excuse me, I forgot to specify it : my test were on CocoonJS.

    By the way, my fps were always moving between 42 and 62, never under 30, but never stable, wich makes the games creating some kind of "pause" when the fps falls under 50 during an half second, when i try it on CocoonJS, and what is not nice when you play.

    So my questions are :

    Is it something i will have only on the test, or what i see in it is exactly what i get ?

    Last question : is it possible to force the game to play at 30 fps for example, to avoid this fps fall ?

    Thanks again for your help and excuse me for my broken english :)

  • You could set the global timescale to 1*dt ...

    Never tried that but , I heard that if you want your game to run stable on pretty much any hardware , use dt


  • I will look at that, thanks :)

    Finally, i decided to rebuilt completely my level.

    I got rid of the 512 image (using 2x the same 256, not a tile because of the graphics itself) and tried to use a lot less objects.

    Now, i'm with 4 events, 8.3 mb of memory use, and 66 objects, for quite the same thing, so i succeded in dividing everything by 2 :)

    I'm very happy now, cause it works well, even if there are still some framerate falls sometimes (from 62 to 52), still when the character is not walking on a straight ground, but the fps is not heratic at all like before !

    Thanks everyone for your help, i find people here very nice, and i love that great software :)

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