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  • I know that there is a tutorial on supporting maximum screen sizes. however it deosent specifically state 100% that those resolutions are the max allowed limit by apple or not?

    My layout is 1024,512

    top 256 for game bottom 256 touch arrows

    I don't at the moment own an Iphone and only have access to a basic Samsung Android. My layout and game run 100% on this basic old Android so I'd imagine all the newer androids since ill be 150% better.

    I'd just like to know if an Android is sufficent to test on for Iphone and if 1024,512 is too big for apples Iphones.

  • Iphone's resolution is 640 x 960 for retina support.

    And 320 x 480 for non retina

    And ipad is 1024x768

  • ok so that is the MAX even if the scale crop thing works it's magic.

    well I guess another run through resizing wont kill me at this point.

    arghh lol


    and isn't 640,960 holding the phone stright UP?

    can I set my layout to

    960x640 width/horizontal wise

    I'm pretty sure ther are games on Iphone were layout is bigger than screensize they just crop it down right?

    please I need a clear noob answer lol


    ok this is getting annoiying I can't find one clear Tuorial on how to make your game do anything, except the one to make your game to facebook is very well done and clear.

    I wish there was a clear tut on phone games in general

  • Hey Ern you are right about the screen size

    640 x 960 is the ipone 4 in portrait mode

    960 x 640 is the iphone 4 in landscape mode

    I have tested my games several times on the iphone 4 and iphone 4s. And the strange part is that 960 width is too small i get a white border. so 1024 works perfect for me on those iphones.

    but i think 512 isn't long enough you need it to be 640

  • but all of you remember that some apps support iphone and ipad in the same time so i think fullscreen scale will work on them i think ! i haven't try it yet but later ill try it.

  • The exact size of your layout does not matter if you use the 'fullscreen (scale mode)' option!

  • The exact size of your layout does not matter if you use the 'fullscreen (scale mode)' option!

    Old Post

    I should've deleted this post I know all this now sorry lol

    But someone else might not. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • The exact size of your layout does not matter if you use the 'fullscreen (scale mode)' option!

    Not sure if I'm just missing something with this, but when I set it to 'fullscreen (scale mode)' it shows objects outside of the layout if the screen is too big. Is there a way to stretch it to accomodate for both widescreen and normal screens?

  • The exact size of your layout does not matter if you use the 'fullscreen (scale mode)' option!

    Ashley, but if my window/layout size is 960,640, it is not supposed that the game fits perfectly in iphone even in scale mode?I'm testing with appmobi with iphone with game size 960,640 and ipad2 with 1024,768 game but the game does not fit the devices in any resolutions, i am missing something?


  • I'm having exact same issue, no matter what resolution i choose

    Here is a screen on how it looks


  • I have the same problem but in the opposite direction. Its stretchin my game to the full width of the screen but not the height. Ive had to resort to fiddlin with the layout scale on startup to get it lookin semi decent. It takes up the whole width but only half of the height

  • on my iphone it does the same on both situations... Also i noticed the game is very slow but that is probably my own fault :)

  • Ashley could you please clarify how this works?

    Here is a capx dl.dropbox.com/u/14594485/Scale_issue.capx

    So having my example in mind if i understood correctly

    If using Scale mode: it should show in full screen with no White borders

    Have a look, it is not working here.


    Actually im getting pretty sure something is wrong here..

    What scaling seems to be doing is just increase the active window size to browser screen size...

    Should it not scale the image?

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  • rgros, looks like it's working just fine here. What are you expecting to see instead?

  • Ashley, maybe i didn't understand this concept but, if i have a 960-640 window, 960-640 layout and 960-640 tilebackground, it was not supposed to fit in my iphone through appMobi?

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