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  • Hi guys,

    I happened to get a hold of an iPad mini 2 recently. I designed the game in 16:9 resolution and I used scale outer. It works perfectly on phones that I can check on. It works perfectly on my browser (1920x1080). I got thrown off when I saw it on the iPad Mini 2. The lower part of the screen (landscape) is empty. I have graphics half out of my background into that empty space (Graphics are all supposed to be in the background).

    I can't use scale inner since I didn't design my game to be that way initially (I don't really like the idea of scale inner as well). Letterbox scale works but I don't want the black bars. Is there any tips or tricks for a workaround?

    I'm thinking of increasing the height of the background but how much should I increase? Let's say I increase from the current 576 to 768. I am not sure but I think the same thing might happen on the iPad Mini 2 (I say this because of the graphics that are currently not in their correct position). Anyone with enough experiences care to share?


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  • look at this may help you:

    https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/1126/m ... ces/page-1

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