ipad 2 LAN preview sound not playing

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  • Hallooo,

    Right, any kind of response to this would be really awesome, basically, I'm creating a music based app for use on an ipad, and the sounds weren't playing when I tested it on LAN.

    I made a test game to eliminate a few possibilities, where you click one box to preload the sound, and another box to play it, the test game worked on my brothers ipad 3, so as far as i know, it's something to do with the ipad 2.

    A quick browse round the forums mentioned it may be the ipad 2's browser that's the problem, I've tried installing chrome on the ipad and that didn't play sound either...

    I'm lost in the woods here guys, help a brother out!

    P.S. I checked, it's not on mute...

    Thanks in advance! :)

  • I've uploaded another test for anyone who maybe want's to try it on an ipad, tap the purple blob to preload the sample, and then tap the green blob to play it. rosietheband.com/moeba

  • Does it have iOS 6? Earlier versions don't support audio.

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  • I checked, its 5.1.1

    It's a friends that I'm using to prototype on, updating now, if this works I'm going to kiss you!

    Right on the mouth.

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