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  • I am pretty new to construct 2.

    For my first project i created a puzzle.

    It contains a background picture and some puzzle pieces.

    One can drag the puzzle pieces to the right place on the background where they snap in.

    I exported the project as HTML5 and integrated the puzzle via IFRAME into a HTLM-Page. Almost everything works fine with mouse and touch.

    Here comes the problem. If i zoom in the Webpage in the Safari browser on an ipad or iphone with two fingers so that there is no part of the surrounding webpage left, i cannot zoom out or scroll the page any more.

    This behaviour makes sense because the puzzles does not contain internal touch rules for zooming or scrolling the whole webpage. I'm looking for a solution how to deal with this problem so that it is possible to use the browsers zoom function from inside the puzzle.

    Any hint is welcome.

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