IOS 11 Video playback doesnt work (no playback)

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  • Hello there!

    I got a question about a project i released months ago. I included video files (intro) which worked perfektly. But now our customer told us that on ios 11 the video plackback isnt working anymore. I tried it out and hes right. I can only hear the audio, but the video doesnt shows up. The app is exported with cordova and was "crossplatformed" with the intel XDK

    Is this a problem, i would have to fix? Or is it may a problem apple will fix with a newer update. Has someone an identical experience?

    Note: On the preview version (ios 10.xx.xx) everything iam not sure about how to handle this problem. I told, that its primary an ios problem. Basically there are no more techniques you can include a video file into the project. I didnt used some plugins or anything else, so it should be a common issue.

    Thanks in advance for a feedback!

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  • Has somebody made an app with cordova? And did it run on ios11? I need this to be fixed in our app. Our app is on the store and the video doesnt shows up on ios11 devices.

    It would be payed!

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