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  • Just a quick question:

    I made a simple game (on the arcade called "FallDown"), which is just a scrolling up and down falling game which works perfectly fine on my desktop. I was curious to try and see how it worked on my iPhone (4s), so I added some hidden buttons on each side of the screen with touch functions to move the ball instead of using the arrow keys. Load it up on my phone and the touch works (super cool how easy it was!), BUT it is painfully laggy (graphic lag) with FPS dropping a lot every few seconds.

    Is it silly for me to expect to get it to work fine on my iPhone without using a plug in or is there some tips to follow to keep the FPS up on the game when running on handhelds? (I was using Chrome)


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  • Yea, a html5 game cant really run smooth on mobile devices :/

    If you can, then delete some animations or photos, it sometimes helps.

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