iOS Phonegap publishing, what am I doing wrong?

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  • Hello all,

    This is the first time I have tried to export and publish a project outside of Wii U. I set everything up on Apple's developer portal, downloaded all my signing keys and got everything working in Phonegap. When I go to upload my project to iTunes Connect via the Application Loader tool, I get several error messages regarding the icons and a 64-bit warning. Any ideas on how I edit these? I can't seem to open the file in XCode to edit them. Also, how do I change the launch screen from the Phonegap default?

    Sorry for all the questions, like I said, this is the first time I am exporting a project to something other than Wii U.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    P.S. Here are the error messages I get in the Application Loader Tool:


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