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  • Hello

    I just finished figuring out how to do tilt based movement in landscape mode. In landscape, tilt left and right = beta, in portrait, tilt left and right = gamma.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    But... I can't see a way to make it detect which orientation is in use.

    I want to make it so that if you're in landscape, use the beta events (and ignore gamma), and if in portrait, use gamma (and ignore beta).

    At the moment if I incorporate both it's a mess - either that or I only leave the beta tilt on and in portrait I have to tilt up and down rather than left and right :/

    Any ideas? Is there an event I'm missing? It's really easy in basic HTML/JS so maybe I'm just missing how to detect this in Construct? I'm going to try alpha of which I just noticed -_-


    Edit: Alpha only reports every now and then, then disappears. Should I be using 'AngleAt(index)' or 'AngleForID(id)' somehow?

  • Looks like I also needed to pay attention to one of the values I was changing...

    From my findings gamma changes at 30 / 65 / -30 / 60 / back to start

    Has anyone got a working file of this sort of detection that works properly?

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  • Using orientations changes in C2 is kinda hard, but there a plugin would help you

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