iOS mute/unmute issues & sound vs. music folders

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  • Was on the forums yesterday trying to look around and figure out what I was doing wrong with my mute/unmute buttons within a game that I am developing. Found some pretty good things to try but never really landed or gained a clear understanding on my issue.

    In most of the game myself and my team develops we are using a simple audio toggle. Typically I prefer to just mute/unmute sounds as opposed to pausing them. This works great till we start testing on iOS platforms like iPad and iPhone. The game that I was having trouble on had a lot of time sensitive sounds and pausing would have made things a bit strange. Stopping sounds would have presented less issue but would have still wreaked havoc on certain screens.

    That being said I figured out that if I put my audio files in the "Sounds" folder then the mute/unmute feature seemed to work great while audio that was left in the "Music" folder did not follow suit. The quick fix is obviously to move all the sounds into the sounds folder, but I know that it is NOT a great final approach.

    I tried to work with playback rate as seen in the following forum post but was unsuccessful at getting it to work properly...

    How to properly set a mute button?

    I also read and learned some great stuff about how to pause and then resume at the proper spot in the music as seen in the capx included in this post...

    Audio Mute and Volume issues on mobile

    However, that was not quite what I was looking for either in that I needed the my time sensitive sounds to keep playing while they were being muted so that it would line up with the timing of the game in case the player decided to turn the sound back on in the middle of play or a round.

    I have included the capx file of the basic problem below. If anyone knows how to get the standard mute/unmute to work out of the box on files within the music folder for the iOS platform that would be great and insight would be much appreciate.

    Audio Mute Test CAPX

    There is a huge chance that I just have something bone headed set up here and external eyes would benefit me greatly.

    Thanks for the time! I look forward to any replies

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  • No response to this? I'm having the same issue, my mute button is working great on pc/browser, and fails completely on IOS devices. Is a feature as simple as muting sound really this difficult to do with C2?


  • I am having the exact same problem too which is why i am bumping this thread.

    Sound/Music on/off works perfectly in desktop/browser but refuses to work in IOS simulator. I am using Ejecta, if that matters.

    Pausing/Restarting sound does seem to work but for my game to work, i need the sound to play but depending on the player's wishes, should be able to go into silent mode.


  • OKay, I am thinking that instead of pausing the sound, if I simply lower the volume by a ridiculous amount like -1000db, then can it work or will it cause some other error?

  • Worked for me.

    PC: Toggle silent works perfect with sound and music.

    IOs (safari)/android (chrome): Toggle silent for sounds and "set playback rate to 0" for music.

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