How do I make an iOS game without problems

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  • Hi, I am facing tons of problems since I decided to make a game for construct 2 for iphone. So I will list some of the problems I've faced that I can't understand why it is happening and I would really appreciate if you guys could help me somehow.

    * I already tried Ejecta, Phonegap, Ludei and Intel XDK. The one who has proven to be the best is Intel XDK.

    * I do have 2.000+ hours of construct, just saying so you guys know I am used to it.

    * I am using an iphone 5s and an iphone 6, both on iOS 9.0 version, exporting for cordova and using Intel XDK to build the ios app

    * This is the guide I use to export for cordova-ios []

    * I am not using complex code or anything that requires high processing

    • When I open the game with the iphone silent switch on and after the loading bar I turn the switch off, the game sound gets buggy and weird, like if there's an effect to it.

    • My whole project has a memory use of 33.4Mb and sometimes the game FPS drop for no reason, like if there's a inconsistency with the code building or adapting. When I say for no reason I mean it because I searched for any problem with the code, large images, opacity changing... I pretty much checked everything most guides about performance for mobile games in this forum talks about and it doesn't work.

    • For some reason, sometimes, the game crashes and close itself. Simple as that.

    I don't know if this is a construct 2 problem or Intel XDK/Phonegap/Ludei/Ejecta but I would like suggestions/solutions for some of my problems or even your guys feedback about your experience with making games with construct 2 for iOS. Anyway, the project is almost done and I can't make it available here like that, but I intend to send the whole project for well known users in the forum.

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  • Did you follow all of the performance optimization steps?

  • Hey guys. I'm curious about the Ejecta-VMWare option listed here: ... e-easy-way

    I don't have any i-Devices; I could borrow one for a maximum of one day maybe.

    Now I downloaded Ejecta and I'm getting it setup on my PC.

    I went to VMware's website:

    and look at this mess.

    There are like 500 choices! From what I understand, I'm only supposed to get the

    "VMWare Workstation" and "VMWare Player" ones.

    Clicked on the Workstation and:

    They want me to make an account and login so I click on register and:

    "Tell us about your department"

    "Tell us about your company or organization"

    What? So you're required to already be a business to be able to use VMWare?

    I haven't completed this step yet.

    Will the FREE TRIAL SUFFICE just to test my game?

  • It should, I believe. I've only ever used the full VMWare business suite though.

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