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  • I'm currently making an iOS game through CocoonJS. It's going very well; I am 70% through development, and am consistently getting a framerate of 30FPS on an iPhone4. However, a little issue has been bugging me.

    I notice that the application front-loads all of its graphics (at least, it appears to). This causes a memory warning, and results in the application being automatically closed if I attempt to load another app. Although not game-breaking, this is undesirable.

    I figure the possible solutions would be to either load and deallocate the assets dynamically / manually, or find a way of allocating a large chunk of memory that the OS can leave alone.

    Does anybody know if either of these solutions are feasible or even possible through Construct2 and CocoonJS?

  • We added support for layout-by-layout memory loading in r107, but CocoonJS doesn't support it yet. Ask them when they plan to add it!

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  • Oh, awesome. You guys are adding features as fast as I need them! I'll make a post on the CocoonJS forum.

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