How do I invite players to a specific room in multiplayer?

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  • Is there a way to invite players to a specific room in multiplayer vis Facebook, twitter, email, or sms text?

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  • At the moment I don't believe there is an easy way to handle this. The only option for now until Ashley some how adds this (not even sure its possible in game) is to have your own web server handle player connections. (web developer would be needed)

    1- Basically create your own lobby system (website) where players select/create the room they want and then based on session whe the game loads join the selected room. This only works for games hosted on your server (web based) and not APK's as you wont be able to maintain session information. (This is what I'm doing)

    2 - Still requires a web server with single table in a database to match incoming players to their rooms via Ajax but it should work with APK's as long as Ajax is still working in game. Users wont be able to select who they play as it will always be next available but it should work. (I created this but I would prefer players be able to match them selves up with people of their choice so i went with option one)

    Others may have found another way (feel free to chime in) that I'm not familiar with but for now i think this is the only way?

  • This is not something we can add, your game has to define it, for example by reading query string parameters and trying to join that room.

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