Invisible sprites for water?

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  • Hi everyone,

    I've got one that's officially driving me nuts. I created a nice sandy background for beneath my water and overlayed some empty sprites with the glass effect over the water effect. It looks very nice except for one thing. Whenever I have the blank sprites overlapping It creates a visible seam in the water movement. Not so much a seam, more like a slightly darker spot where the sprites overlap. Is there a way to remove this seam through another effect? Or make it so when the sprites overlap it cuts out the overlapping part so it no longer overlaps?

    Thank you much in advance,


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  • LOL, guess I didn't need the glass effect. Anyways I managed to make it look a little better with the delta and reflectivity settings in the water effect. But heres another question, possibly a bug? When I adjust the angle of the sprite it doesn't adjust the angle of the effect. It just changes the overall size of the effect square when using the water effect. Is there some way to make an angle work with a sprite?

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