Invisible platforms for art style level design, and more questions?

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  • Hello,

    I'm completely new to Construct (I use only Construct 2). I have been professionally working in 3D modeling of props, animations, and architectural external design on 3ds Max for over 8 years. Now I just want to try to make a game as a hobby. I have a few starting questions and I would be happy if some of you helps me or give me advice for good tutorials about:

    1. I want to use an art (hand-drawn/matte painting) style level created in Photoshop (not arranged in the construct interface). I probably need to use invisible platforms to align with my 2D level base.

    2. I want the background to be of several layers and to follow the camera movement. I guess I have to use alpha maps for each of the background layers to cut openings for everything on the back. Each layer will be made in Photoshop and will be placed in the construct2 working environment.

    3. For now, I will only start with a linear side scroller game (there will be no camera climb, just left to right and back). Since the levels will be a high resolution on width, can I make the camera field slide on the side into a scene of 4-5 screen widths, and then the character can move to a new scene/room by going through a cave entrance/door/dark border?

    4. I am also interested in what aspect and resolution should I start my project with if I want to implement it with games that are for the Nintendo Switch shop?

    From below I show a very rough and quick example, Thanks for the help, as I said I have a lot of skills in 3D modeling and have some ideas for my free time, but in this software, I am brand new.

  • If you are brand new to Construct I would advise starting with Construct 3 as 2 is not supported. Also for your questions I would advise checking out the game Kiwi Story that comes with Construct 3, it will demonstrate the platformer game mechanics in behaviours and events so you can see how one might be made.

    1. You can use invisible sprites and their collision or there is a tilemap object which may work as well

    2. Not sure what this means, I'm not an artist

    3. There is a scroll to behaviour which follows the player. If you mean a camera that snaps to different views then you could attach it to an object that teleports.

    4. No idea if you need something special for Switch but maybe a common HD resolution is fine?

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  • Thank you for the answers!

    For now, I will continue with Construct 2 as I have a license for it.

    I'm currently involved in making games only as a hobby in my free time. It's possible to work on this only 3-4 days a month and the monthly/year plans don't work for me. Also, the free version of Construct 3 has limitations with which I can't use many background layers.

    Is Construct 2 too different in terms of interface and features from version 3? I guess at a later point (after half or 1 year) I will switch to a personal license for Construct 3.

    Will it be easy to use my knowledge from version 2 to version 3 in the future? Are there general differences or I can adapt fast?

    Thank you!

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