How to invincible let the player pick an item?

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  • I'm new here, I have a doubt!

    I'm making a platform game, where my player is an object invisible,

    and the animation is fixed on him, he dies only when the monsters touch the player,

    I was wondering how do I object when the player becomes invincible killing the monster so when you touch?

    example: when the super mario gets the star.

    my english is bad = /

    thank you!

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  • If i'm not wrong, you should do something like this:

    Player > is overlaping "monster" > monster destroy with animation etc...

    You mean your player is the object " Pin pin to" animation object ? And when "player" touching enemy, they'll die like in super mario ?

  • Dorvast: use an instance variable of the player (for instance a boolean variable named Invincible).

    + If Player is Invincible

    + If player is overlapping monster (or on collission)

    ----> Do some stuff

    Set the boolean variable to true if the player is invincible, and set it to false if it is not.

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