inverted mouse over not picking all objects bug ?

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  • I've been at this one for a while. Any ideas how to fix this?

    Basically what looks like happens:

    If the mouse is going fast enough that it is not seen as off of one of the family objects during a tick, it behaves as if the mouse is somehow on top of all the objects. It reports the correct UIDs and behaves, in code, as if only one was selected.

    Best to show with an image:

    Here is my code...


  • One work around if only one thing can be highlighted at a time would be to have an event turning them ALL off every 0.1 seconds (you could do every tick, but 60x a second is over kill) unless the mouse cursor is over them. This should keep the lagging ones reset.

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  • *sounds of brain exploding and brain noodles hitting the wall*

    All I did was move the destroy call to the top and it fixed everything. Thank you!!! Sometimes when you look at something long enough it starts to stop making sense.

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