How do I Invert SOL (Selected Object List)

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  • How do I do this? Already thought of running an inverted pick condition, but that approach doubles the overhead. Is there any way to just invert the pick list?

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  • Let's say picked object is overlapped by a detector. So the remain objects that were not picked will be not overlapped by any of these detector;

    system: object is overlapping detector (inverted) | do an action

    That is my first solution.

    Other method that also work is by inverted the instance variable (boolean);

    system: is picked (inverted) | do an action

  • Did you try else?

  • alextro:

    The object in question (laser beam) as a collision polygon, but the object it is being tested against (a circular shield) doesn't. However, since there is only 1 shield, I could add a polygon. Actually, yours is a pretty good idea. Thanks


    My first thought, but I found that else doesn't work that way: it won't invert a pick list.

    Actually, there is a thread around from a couple of years ago where Ashley was discussing whether or not to have else invert SOL's in the context of a pick condition. However, he decided against it.

  • If I remember correctly, "Else" resets the SOL altogether.

  • Not sure what you want to do.

    In my experience on of the better methods to break out of picking is to use a function.

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