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  • so when i make the same event for a diferent sprite(when i use the invert property), one of them doesnt work, what am i doing wrong?

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  • you are setting to normal if your aren't overlapping setaright or you aren't overlapping setaleft

    if you can't overlap the two at the same time, it will not work

    I guess you should use the tw inverted condition in the same event, so It will not trigger if you are overlapping one of them

    Not sure that was the problem, since the question wasn't extremely precise

  • Never forget the events are read/executed from top to bottom.

    If your cursor is over "setaright" it also means it is not over "setaleft". The inverted over setaleft condition beeing the last, it is the one executed last, giving the impression the cursor hasn't changed. (when in fact, the cursor did change when encountering the "is over setaright" condition, but immediatly changed again when meeting the "is not over setaleft" since both those conditions are true)

    Try to gather the events/condition that will result in the same action as one "or block" event.

    And make sure to put the "is over" event last, since that's the one you'll logically want to see acting.

  • ah yes, if i put them in the same event it works, thanks

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