Inventory Scrolling?

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  • I can't seem to get my inventory to work properly. I have managed to get a HUD layer going with a lifebar and a slot for weapons, I can pick them up and use them, but I get a bit confused when it comes to setting up the variables.

    This is how I currently have it set up:

    On the HUD, I have a sprite with frames for each weapon

    The player has instance variables:




    And the crates are just sprites that when the player collides with for example the gun crate the player instance variable Gun is set to 1 and the gunslot is set to 1.

  • What is not happening that you are expecting to happen? Also for less risk I would use global variables instead of instance variable on the player object for any inventory.

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  • I had issues being able to scroll between weapons in the inventory. I managed to get it working with global variables as you suggested. Heh, I need to remember to use globals more =)

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