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  • Hi,

    my inventory works perfect, but i have one or two problems with it.

    If i pick up items or win items from events, it adds to my inventory, then it shows amount "1' and rest of the slots "0", i do not want that.

    if win one item it shouldn't show all the slots "0" text, if amount is less or equal to 1 it shouldn't show text, it should only show when the item is greater than 1. Second picture shows the problem, it shows all slots amount "0"

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  • i managed to get it to show text when amount is more than 1, and if less than 1, amount should be invisible, but now i have this other problem.

    if i open my inventory, it doesn't show the amount of items i have, it only appears if i add items to inventory.

    if click inventory icon, it should open an inventory window showing the amount of items you have, in my screenshot i dont know if it is the correct way to do it.

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