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  • Hi,

    on my test project i have the inventory system click on items it adds to the inventory that part works perfect.

    I have quests in my game project when clicking the button to claim the item it adds to the inventory and it works perfect, it adds to my inventory and when you drag the inventory around the item is pin to that empty slot. It doesn't jiggle wiggle at all.

    Now, the problem I am experiencing is in my game project. I did exactly the same i did on my test project but for the love of god it doesn't work.

    On a layout i have items, which is set to global. One of the item is a Bow and max amount is set to 1, should not go higher than that.

    Now when i start the game, it opens inventory (so it good and working) when click button it adds to inventory (that works too) but if i click the button again it amount goes higher than 1. So i notice that if i put the Bow item on the game layout then it works. But then i notice that if you drag the inventory it jiggle and wiggle. But for some reason it works perfect on the test project lol. On my create character layout there is a start button. When click it, Bow should get added to your inventory, doesn't work at all.

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  • Hey, probably the reason noone responded is because this is impossible to give an answer without seeing the project file.

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