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  • so this is my vision of what i want my inventory to be when character kills enemy and weapons drops it rolls stats (found out items cannot be in family if you want randomized stats) so each item is a container with unique id and such. so when the item goes to inventory so click sword to pick it up and it goes to inventory ,aswell a pinned item box on it and when you pick up another sword it supposed to go to the next slot

    but it just layers over on the same slot

    I think i got the drag and drop good enough thanks to someone's capx cant remember the name but thanks incase you stumble on this thread

    does anyone know how to get it fixed to items going to the next slot , either i'm missing something or my programming is wrong

    apparently i cant upload my capx file??

  • ya i looked around i dont have the upload file option anymore, whats going on?

    here is a link to my capx

  • plz help me

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  • I can't fix it myself but I can tell you what the problem is, you are creating an object at the same place everytime its clicked without first evaluating which inventory slot should have an object placed.

    Meaning you need to check a slot before you create the object on click. And if its empty place the thing youre creating at the slot that is empty.

  • i thought thats what the pick by evaluate was for......

  • Right, but look at the order you have it in, every frame its going to

    wait for your click command

    make the object

    make it at the same slot each time

    meaning to make it at a different slot you need to move around your events to make sure that the information for which slot to use is there BEFORE creating the object at a slot.

  • would you happen to have skype , can you tackle this with me my skype is "gryz34"

  • sorry dont got that, i tried to fix it myself but cant figure it out. What you should do is try and figure it out

    one idea is that everytime you click the item to create you run a for loop on each inventory UI slot (the UID even) and see if there is an item, and then use the pick by evaluate thing you were talkin about and THEN create on the next available/empty slot you checked to.

  • ya thats what i'm trying to do , trying to find a tutorial with create items that spawn in an orderly fashion with array. but i need the click first because thats the instance a player picks the item up, i've tried it many different ways. so hard to make inventory and i dont wanna pay for a pre built one

  • do you have any voice chat program?

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