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    drag and drop I want

    items being unique so stats on gear are different on each drop

    so if i left click i gain item , if i right click in inventory it zeros it out, if its a gear and you right click then the blue helmet equips but i want that str stat to roll once on that one helmet and if i get another that the new helmet will have a different roll on it . (diablo style) each gear will have its own unique stats. if i equip a helmet and one is already equiped i want them to swap places..... i'm not too sure what i need to do. anyone able to skype or step by step help me ?

  • feel free to stop by and help me on my live cast

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  • how can i make it so my gears UID is different for everyone , thats a container i believe but if i equip the gear it puts all the family items in the one slot

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