How do I make inventory with drag and drop

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  • so when an item is in inventory i want it to be able to drag from inventory and lock into place in the correct box in the character sheet and be able to drag back into the inventory. I learn that i need and inventory with boxes since the orange square is just a place holder showing the slot is empty. If each helmet i get is going to have different stats (like a maple story, which i'm aiming for) instead of destroying i believe i need to have it just move to the layer at X.Y location of the equipped box and back . i'm having trouble when i click to equip chest piece it does both helmet and chest and sometimes when i do my helmet and does the chest aswell. can someone take a look and tell me step by step how to fix my work to get it working but i only want drag and drop happening when item is in inventory or equipped or be able to right click and have it move back and forth ... ok i feel like i'm rambling

  • i've looked at every other tutorial but the drag and drop tutorial capx is a broken link and all the threads about inventory aren't done very well for a beginner like my self to understand i know arrays and somethings but learning still. I looked into the CS plugins and those links are broken too just wanted a drag and drop inventory system like torchlight which i see another guy had a thread on, not sure if hes had much luck

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  • or i would be willing to skype to get help if you dont have a full version PM me your skype info

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