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  • so i want to make a inventory, i tried following tutorials but they are too advanced for me, i want to make an inventory using array but i dont have enough experience... so the problem is i have the background for my inventory and i want it to follow dat size, but when i try to use an array it doenst follow dat background size and dont know what to do, i wanted to make an inventory where i could have like

    wood -> 20

    keys - > 1

    all alligned. if that makes any sense.

    heres what i have -> ... .capx?dl=0

    can someone tell me a good tutorial or maybe give me an capx to see how its done?

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  • An array has got nothing to do with the size of a background, so I'm lost at what you mean..,

    To make an inventory first you'd have to have that information somewhere..

    An array is one way, another could be the dictionary object or using global variables.

    It all depends on your personal needs..

    Your capx is kind of not usefull at all for it only shows a black square, has no reference to any inventory items and no direct lead on how you would like to display those items..

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