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  • Hi,

    What do you think about the possibility of displaying comments pages in my game? As in: a comments page for every level of the game?

    On a website I would use a Facebook comments plugin (or something like Disqus) to allow people to comment using their Facebook/Disqus accounts. Is it doable in C2? Are there any addons that would enable such a functionality?

  • Follow this tutorial. But instead of points (numbers), you could save text to display on each level.

  • Thanks. My game already relies heavily on AJAX and PHP so I could techically code another script to handle the comments.

    The thing is, there are great tools out there (like the aforementioned Facebook or Disqus) which have things like user accounts and security covered, so I would basically be reinventing the wheel.

    I was hoping for some hacky (or not) way to bring these tools to my game. Apparently there isn't an easy way out of this so I'll have a look at the possibility of wrapping these things in a plugin and if that proves too cumbersome I'll do as you suggest... code it anew. Meh.

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  • I'm actually working on adding a comment box as we speak to my facebook plugin. Just look in the forums under the completed Adonis section. Look for facebook 3.0. The feature should be up by tomorrow(it's evening time in this neck of the woods)

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