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  • Good morning,

    I have a problem when open the browser from my game.

    I have a button in my game that when you give the browser opens. When I test from the browser on your computer works without problem, but when I export and compiled with Intel XDK, that button does nothing from the mobile.

    any solution?

    Thank you

  • First of all, how do you access the Internet in your game? Via AJAX?

    And did you add a "touch" object to your project?

    We will need some further info to help you.

  • Hello, I access internet from the "internet object" that gives the program itself.

    I have added a touch object and does not work in the browser when testing if it works, but not export it.

  • Could you provide a link to your capx please?

    I would really appreciate that.

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  • Hello,

    not as it is done for a link, I'm new writing in the forum.

    but anyway I do not like to put a link to my game (hopefully understand this last).

    thanks for answering.

  • You are asking for mechanics to fix a car without having a look at what is under the hood just by explaining them that your car is not working and is red, and hoping it is enough informations for them to be able to fix it.

    I hope you understand how you not liking to provide sources for your issue can not end up in you being helped.

    As it stands, your best bet is to actually provide your project so it can be investigated.

    I'm afraid your current description of what is going on is too vague otherwise.

  • Hello, I know it is very difficult I ask. Also thought that just describing someone could help me. I'll look at how to do it and in case of not being able, subire example. How do I upload a picture so that you can see the example? Thank you

  • I'll look at how to do it and in case of not being able, subire example. How do I upload a picture so that you can see the example? Thank you

    This is actually quite off-topic, but anyways, let's get this thread solved...

    You can provide a .capx by doing this:

    • Open up your C2 project
    • Go to "file", "save as"
    • Choose "capx" as filetype
    • Save to whereever you like

    Next, you'll have to upload it to somewhere, where you can share it with us.

    Dropbox always works good.

    Then, you provide us with the link to the file.

    Make sure to tick "Do not automatically parse URLs" in the Options below tour topic post since you don't have enough rep points yet to post clickable URLs and the forum will shorten them if they are too long and you don't tick that option.


    How to provide an image:

    • Go to
    • Upload your photo via "New post"
    • After it is done uploading, hover with the mouse over the image and choose "Share image"
    • Copy the BB Code
    • Paste it in your post without the "img" tags

    Again, make sure to tick the corresponding option under your post.

  • I put a screenshot.

    Thank you

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