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  • Hey dear Contruct people! Please excuse my language, I'm German

    Im working now several months with C2 and so far i have solve some problems by myself, but here i need your help and wisdom.

    1. Does it cost more or less power when I replace some UI textobjects against sprites with a lot of frames? They are changed by level transitions and some triggers ingame. (for example Level names an descriptions)

    2. How it is possible to put correctly a custom font as ttf file in a exported project ( native desktop game) and play the game without seperately installation of the font?

    I have tried to import the fontfile in the files folder of C2, but on another PC the font was not displaying ingame. (it shows times new roman)

    3. Is it usefull to have only one big eventsheet for the entire maingame ? For now the engine and event performance is low (9%/3% ) but my actual prototype will become much more enemy and object classes and other stuff. Should i activate/ deactivate some groups (for example enemy types) when they are not on the actuall level?

    4. Could it save power in general when i deactivate/ activate objects colliders, shadow casters or particle effects with trigger once/ repeat once commands when they are come in and out of the screen?

    for example: particle1 is on screen = set rate to 35

    repeat 1 times

    particle1 is not on screen = set rate to 0

    repeat 1 times

    I have already tested it, but in a certain number of these commands, the event performance is higher, but the object counter for example is lower... so should i use this or have anyone a better solution?

    5. Its possible to deactivate the collider of tiles backgrounds with the method in 4. ? ( because in my bigger test level with lots of walls as tiled bgs i have ca. 30k collisioncalls (700 per tick) in movement, and i want to reduce it. Is it acceptible for the engine or must i really reduce the level size ?

    thanks for thinking and potential suggestions

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