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  • Hi!

    I made a big project in Construct Classic but due to unstabilities my game crashed everytime. I decided to rebuild it in Construct 2, but almost right away I stumbled upon a big problem.

    It seems that the background of my layer moves seperately from the space I'm trying to work in. All of the images I import become stretched out and the background layers seem to have a lower scroll rate than foreground layers, causing my disability to add any image properly.

    Also, I can't add large images; they can't be seen in the editor.

    I don't know if this is a known problem or that anyone needs to see a capx file?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Shoot us a capx!

    "background layers seem to have a lower scroll rate than foreground layers" could b5e a parallax issue

  • It could be my sh*tty computer at its best, but here's a project file! I hope someone can fix this.

    I imported one image (the image that got stretched out) and I only enabled the regarding layout.

    EDIT: wait, what?? Now it suddenly works?! I added the image once more on an other layer and now it works? Okay, it's the layer, that's for sure. What should my parallax settings be?

    Try to move the image from one layer to another and see what happens... :O

    Also, anyone any idea why it's so big? Must be my graphics?

  • The link leads to a 404 error.

    Check the scale rate of your layer. (Select the layer and check the "Properties" pannel)

    Default value is 100, less or more can end up in changing the size of the images displayed on it.

    And if you have set "Parallax in editor" to yes, that may be what is causing the background to be "non working".

    As for "importing huge image", that's mostly a bad practice.

    C2 aims at games for the web, so it's generaly a bad idea to import a huge texture, it will end up ruining performances on lower hardware.

    Break down the big image in several other smaller one that you can reuse through the game.

    It will also lower the download size which is a good thing from the player's point of view.

  • Seems it was just a bug: I changed the opacity to 50 and that somehow made the image stretch. Fixed anyway!

    Thanks, Kyatric, for your tips!

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  • Wow, quite a large capx. You don't worry about slow loading times?

  • I do, I'm afraid... I just ran the game now it's almost finished and daaamn it was slow. Thing is, it needs to be this big... small images would make it lose all of its essence.

    I'll figure something out.

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