How do I interface multiple Construct2 games with SSO

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  • HI ,

    I am trying to build a platform that can host multiple construct games on a single portal.

    Would like to how can we implement single sign on to these games.

    Design of flow sequence

    Sign with google/yahoo / or similar

    Post successful authentication allow access to games

    Get the scores from the games for that respective person and upload to a online database.

    multiple instances of a game should be possible (i.e., many users can play the same game at a time)

    Do let know if any one has implemented or familiar with such a frame work



  • Sounds like you could use AJAX for this:

    The ajax could make post requests to a php file that checks a database for: register/login/authentication/user (game) details.

    Also, for the login you could use the google/facebook plugins do to logins/authentication of user, even save and retrieve scores for the respective login systems.

    Scores would be related to the respective plugins/login systems too. However, if you store and retrieve scores from your own database, then the scoreboard could be universal, regardless of login system.

    As for multiple games, any uploaded game is able to get loaded on a unlimited amount of end users. (with or without logged in system)

    You could add checks by means of events in a game to see if a user is logged in, and then allow or disallow access.

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  • Thank you for the suggestions.

    I am pretty new to Construct2 development.

    It would be great if there are any pointers , from where i could get

    started to this problem statement.

    Or if there are any frameworks that exist that can be used would

    be of great help.

  • There are a lot of good tutorials in the tutorial section.

    However, seeing as you are new to construct 2 development, I would start of doing a wide variety of smaller and easier tutorials. Or even just start with the examples in C2 itself and modify them.

    This to get a good grasp and better insight of the event system and possibilities.

    The login systems are generally considered a bit advanced, and to start off from those can be challenging.

    example from tutorial section:

    facebook login

    The Ajax systems and related PHP approach require coding skills. (PHP/MySql)

    Example from tutorial section:

    PHP/MySql login

  • Thank you so much ,

    Appreciate the quick response and the pointers to get started.

    I will work on them today and set up the game.

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