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  • Hello everyone!

    I've just recently picked up Construct2 and am trying to create my first game. I've been going through tutorials and the forums for quite a few days now, but I'm having trouble finding some of the things I'm looking for.

    Basically, I'm creating an "Interceptor" game where there's a vehicle of some kind at the bottom of the screen moving left to right trying to "intercept" the correct answers to a single question as they float from the top of the screen down. I need the answers to randomly pick from a set (an array I assume) of predefined answers and need a way to decipher which are right and wrong.

    I'm about 50% of the way there framework-wise, but I'm having a lot of problems pulling the randomized answers into individual objects as they're created.

    If there are any tutorials that you're aware of the detail similar functionality, or any advice in general, I would REALLY appreciate it as I'm definitely having some trouble getting the functionality I'm looking for to work properly.

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.


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