How do I intercept back button on nokia X?

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  • I tried to publish one of my Android games in the new Nokia X platform, but it was rejected because the expected behaviour when the back button was pushed was not implemented. The user/tester expects the mobile to go back to the previous screen when the user touches the back button.

    I export my Contruct game to android(XDK), then compile it with the intel cloud compiler (XDK 0 419 GOLD Crosswalk on Cordova 3.0).

    But even if I can trap the back button (using the XDK plugin) I cannot exit the game.

    Any Idea?

    If there's no way to exit the game, there's no way to publish on Nokia X !!!!

  • you can use the "browser" object. it has an "on back button" condition.

    On the browser object there is also a "close" action which should close the game.

    (havent tried this on Nokia though. But it works on other platforms)

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  • cvp

    Tnx for help.

    Do you mean somenthing like this?

    I ususally use the IntelXDK "on back button pressed" event to navigate back to other layouts within my game, but the "Browser close" action seems not to close the game. I just made a quick test on my galaxy with negative results.

    In you experience is it just enough to call "Browser -> close " action to exit an Android game?

    Can it be that I make some mistake somewhere?

  • I actually first started using it for the games I made for Tizen. (it is not in my current android published games)

    On Tizen it is enough to close the game, I have not tried it on other platforms.

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