Interactive Story Book on Construct 2?

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  • Hi! just discovered this awesome program a day ago and was wondering if it's possible to make an interactive story book of some sort in Construct 2? If not, are there any other programs you guys could suggest? I'm not really code savvy and would be glad to find a tutorial/scripts for a storybook. :)

  • Sure, C2 is quite well suited for something like that. I'd imagine if you get C2 and EasyTween or MoveTo plugin which make it effortless to move images around layouts in various ways, you are quite well set for developing an story book.

    As for tutorials, I'd just start with the standard beginner tutorials to get feel on things, you'll probably pick up most of the necessary techniques from there. :)

  • It is most definitely possible! And depending on how interactive you want it to be, I would say this is one of the easier things to create in Construct 2. Do you plan on having the user be able to make choices to affect what happens, or just go to the next page? Also, this amazing engine makes programming super simple. I would suggest reading some tutorials and have a look at the manual for a bit. Make simple stuff until you get the hang of it, and when you're ready you can start!

  • Thanks! Just finished the ghost shooter tutorial, It was easy for me because I had something as a basis but I think I can't do a storybook without one. :| Are there any story book based games here? What I plan are just simple functions like back, next, hover, drag and drop. I'm planning to make a David and Goliath book for kids. :)

  • That's cool :) I haven't seen any story tutorials around, however C2 is very easy to use and learn. Once you know about adding functions to the layout (Right click and click "Insert new object") then you can add many new things, and if you add a sprite, you can add a behavior of drag-and-drop to it.

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  • Hi AslLayDaing,

    i have a similar project on my todo list. But i have not received all the answers i had requested some time back. I appreciate this is mainly do to C2 being a 2D Game Engine and interactive books apps are undiscovered country for Scirra. As for large background images - maybe 1024px or higher for iPad Retina etc, and assuming you'll need at least 20 full colour pages as PNG's, plus spritesheet animations, text objects, interactions, particles, scene transitions - i think it will choke on many devices at the moment. My own research has revealed that the best interactive children's book apps for iOS and Android, are being developed with pure Objective C, sometimes with a framework like Cocos2d for iOS and Cocos2d-X for C++ devs who can deploy to both platforms. Neither is Flash DEAD as many believe. It's not! Many books are coded in Actionscript 3.0 and developed with the Starling Framework and Box2d or Nape with GPU accelerated blisteringly fast graphics - something HTML5 cannot yet compare with.

    But i am still going to try either C2 or Stencyl in the near future as i want to learn myself and be 100% indie. I love the HTML5 for all devices - it's so democratizing - is that a word? - but still has some way to go.

    I am presently learning AS 3.0 because i love Starling and Citrus. But i am struggling. If i get kickstarter funding for my book, i might just get a developer on boards. But up to now, nobody has been able to answer my questions because there isn't a book app out there on the app store made with C2 or Stencyl that they can use as a benchmark for comparison.

    Here's hoping a few C2 devs will see this and enlighten me.

  • GameSalad offers templates for creating interactive storybook books. Would love to have such a thing C2.

    Mr. K, have you made progress in doing storybooks in Construct 2?

  • I am very interested in this and I am wondering if there is any tutorial out there that can show C2 functionality in children books creation. Any progress, AsILayDaing?

  • mzeid: You are bumping a two years old thread, attempting to talk to someone who hasn't connected to the website in two years as well.

    Since then the tutorials part has grown, and as mentioned in the topic, specific mechanics are more detailed through the forums (and the How do I FAQ), the tutorials, the manual, the C2 academy, etc...

    I know there are a couple of templates in the store about coloring books.

    But other than that, in the first place define what mechanics are those you expect/want to do in an interactive book ?

    C2 allows you to make pretty much anything, but if you can't tell in the first place what you want to achieve I'm afraid you won't make it.

    And when using C2 make sure to follow the performance and memory usage tips to not overdo the capacities of the target devices you are aiming at.

  • Kyatric Thanks for your reply and the useful links. I am new to Construct 2 (just bought it 3 days ago), I am very interested in making books for children. Thanks for the coloring plugins' link. This is very useful.

    One thing I need help with: is there a plugin to add voice and reading to C2, i.e. I would like to have a button called "Read to Me", where words will be highlighted in yellow while reading is going no. How can I achieve this in C2?

    Thanks again for your help. I really didn't notice the thread's date.

  • On click (Play sound = read page) on click (play sound = Cow goes moo) You get the idea..

    Set text to display on time and match with audio track to make it move along or break it down in to bites and on play sound also display text.

  • mzeid: You should look into the user media plugin.

    If you need further help consider posting a new topic in order to keep issues/mechanics separated so they can be better searched.

  • On click (Play sound = read page) on click (play sound = Cow goes moo) You get the idea..

    Set text to display on time and match with audio track to make it move along or break it down in to bites and on play sound also display text.

    Thank you so much for your reply. I got the first part, but I am puzzled about the second one. Should I break down every single word in Audacity for example? How can I make the text played highlighted in yellow? I appreciate your help.

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