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  • Construct 2 is good at the core game canvas, but not so good at lobbies, login sessions, info screens, help screens etc.

    What I am wondering is this:

    1. Is it possible to "call" a URL/HTML Page from within the game, such that on that page, if they hit a "return to game" type HTML5 button, they can get back to the game (ideally the game will pause, but I guess that's not possible)

    2. If you imaging a lobby of game rooms, showing the number of players etc, I would do this using a server driven HTML5 page. I would then want to be able to click on a page, and launch the game. When the game is finished, it should go back to that page.

    Is there any way to do this kind of stuff?

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  • You can use the 'Execute JavaScript' action in the browser object. For more complicated bespoke functionality I'd recommend writing a plugin.

    Pausing the game whilst a modal appears is perfectly possible.

    Bare in mind that wrappers like CocoonJS are DOM-less so HTML won't work when using them.

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