IntelXDK Build - APK Install Parse Error

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  • I got the game to install once just fine. I worked on my game a little, uninstalled the old game, then tried to install the new game version and I get a Parse Error when trying to install it.

    1. I exported from Construct 2 via the Cordova Export Method

    2. I Go into IntelXDK, import HTML 5 Game

    3. Another window pops up to check settings. I chose use Cordova Plugins, and No for game option.

    4. I fill in all of the details like version number, app id, etc, etc.

    5. I downgrade my CLI version because of that build error.

    6. I build it.

    7. download it and try to install on my phone.

    8. Every single time now I get a Parse Error when trying to install it.

    This is extremely frustrating. Anyone have any ideas? Why is this such a complicated confusing process?

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