[Intel-XDK] Set Orientation Issue

  • I'm using Intel XDK object for setting the orientation to Landscape, it works on emulator but not for all my device(all my device are Samsung).

    I have built it through all android options(android, Crosswalk for android, Cordova for android) to create an apk file. And all have the same result: works on emulator but not for all my device.

    I did searching for the solution in 2 days ,but cannot find anything works..

    do you got the solution?

    If you have any idea, share here please..

    That would be very helpful for me and others people out there who have the same problem..

  • One thing to bear in mind with some Samsung devices (like the Galaxy Tab 3) is that they have x86 processors instead of the usual ARM CPUs found in a lot of Android devices, so if you're building using Crosswalk in the Intel XDK, you'll need to use the x86 version instead of the ARM version on these devices.

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  • Thank you for sharing HonkeyKong. Now I know something new about Samsung devices. Unfortunately, I still have not found the solution

    There may be other people who have a solution?Just share it here please..

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